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and san francisco is .19. you will notice san jose .09. and oakland a third of an inch and much less than that in livermore. we have showers coming, but find out what the latest computer models are indicating as far as who will need the umbrellas tomorrow. it is not everyone. i will be back with the details, ama. >>> san jose police are trying out why out why a man was stabbed to death. they show investigators looking for evidence at oak grove park this afternoon. that's where police found the body of a man in his late teens or 20s. he was stabbed several times. they are not positive when he died, but believe it happened today. the man charged with stealing a luxury yacht -- >> sorry. and running it aground and preparing his defense from the county jail. the two people arrested with him have been released. 63-year-old leslie alan gardener pled not guilty to grand theft and vandalism charges in court today. he is accused of stealing the 82-foot yacht and damaging it on the shoreline. investigators say the others taken off the boat, 56-year-old lisa modewell and dario mira did not know the
door as two men rob her at gunpoint and she is not the only victim in this oakland neighborhood. i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. it is disgusting to watch, and it must have been so terrifying to experience. oakland police are looking for more victims, and we found one. alan wang is live in oakland tonight with her story. alan? >> a terrifying attack against the woman, but she is one of several people who was terrorized by those on the video. she is asking the victims to come forward. the woman in the video has no idea she is being targeted by two young men who don't realize they are being caught on camera. the robber stole the purse in east oakland, but they were exposed by surveillance cameras and police arrested them. police don't think she was the only victim. >> investigators released the video in hopes that there might be other victims out there who have not come forward yet. >> we went to the same block and found a woman who said her purse was stolen and was pistol whipped the same day and same hour as the woman in the video. >> i said don't kill me.
was contained in the truck's engine block is no one was injured. a man hired to help the oakland police department will report for duty tomorrow. thomas frasier is the new compliance director. he will take the on the task of reforming how they investigate themselveses and document their work. the 68-year-old is a former baltimore police commissioner who served on the san jose police force. >>> a moment of silence for an intern killed by an african lion marked the reopening today of the annual -- of the animal sanctuary cat haven in fresno county. tours of the sanctuary were conducted for the first time since diana hanson died of a broken neck last wednesday. a statement from hanson's mother was read. >> living every mother's worst nightmare and losing a cherishedded -- cherished child, i am pleased cat haven is reopening, and i share in the sorrow and loss of the cat. it is my desire they continue their mission in support of saving my daughter's beloved creatures. >> the lion is said to have lifted the door of a partially closed feeding pen and attacked. >>> people close to an oakland w
. san francisco 52 degrees. it is 57 in oakland. mild 61 in san jose and 52 in half moon bay. visibility has dropped to 5 miles with fog. i just checked out the latest computer models. the timing and the onset of the rain has changed. what this means for your easter egg hunts and your plans coming up. >> a little girl was hospitalized tonight after being hurt when bullets started whizzing through her neighborhood. it happened near the oakland coliseum near 82nd avenue and a street in east oakland. nick smith is live at children's hospital oakland. nick, she's okay, right? >> dan, that is the good news. nala is her name and she is 10 years old and she is fine. she is expected to survive. she and her eight-year-old sister were playing in the front yard when bullets started to fly nearby. >> it just happened so fast. >> just before 5:00 p.m., witnesses say shots werenear 82d near 82nd avenue and a street in east oakland. sky 7hd was above where bullet casings littered the ground below. sharon dawson heard the gunfire and feared the worst. i. >> i heard it and came out and the first thing i
, oakland, san jose. another view of the bridge. downtown san francisco, showing communities in the 50s, santa rosa, fairfield, livermore. we don't see any rainfall hitting the ground in the bay area yet, but there is a chance of showers overnight and tomorrow. >> ama: oakland police are investigating a shooting that left two people dead. neighbors called police after hearing gunfire around 4:00 this morning. a man and a woman were found debt. their names have not been released. dozens of bullet holes now riddle the scene. crime taupers and police are offering a $20,000 reward leading to a conviction in the case. >> in florida, officials are planning to demolish the house near tampa where a man was swallowed by a sinkhole. the rescuers have stopped their efforts because the area is so unstable, it's too risky. >> we feel we have done everything we can. >> authorities are no longer looking for the body of jeff bush, who was swallowed by a sinkhole as he slept in his bedroom thursday night. >> at this point it's really not possible to recover the body. >> the focus shifts to on sunmoy bec
of the papal conclave on all of our broadcasts including tonight edition of "nightline". >>> oakland woman family can use your help finding her. this woman was supposed to be on a flight friday morning to visit her brothers in texas. she never made it. last time she was seen was thursday morning and what you are looking at her surveillance video showing her walking past oakland bakery on telegraph and 34. plain as day but where did she go? oakland police investigating her disappearance. >>> meantime in oakland man out of prison tonight after serving 15 years -- 14 years for sexual assault he did not commit. this is 38-year-old johnny williams leaving parole office after judge threw out his conviction on attempted rape charges after new dfa results proved his innocence. he was convicted for the 1998 attack on girl in oakland. her family identified williams former neighbor as possible suspect and he was later convicted. his tern says williams wrote a statement for the court just before he was released. >> the he said i have nothing but love and respect for the family and hope some day th
in prison without the possibility of parole. prosecutors say huggins shot and killed a man in oakland during a series of robberies. he lived in virginia and was here for the google interview. he had gone to downtown oakland to have his teeth cleaned at a friend's office. he had $10 on him when he was robbed. >>> new tonight at 11:00, police have taken an arsonal of weapons away from police. they provided these pictures of the weapons thisy seized. they include seven assault rifles and 10 handguns and more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition. east palo alto and menlo park police found them in a storage locker in red rood city. they -- redwood city. they arrested two men on parole and probation violations. >>> to the weather now for a few moments. the storm system moved east, but it did leave a fresh layer of snow in the sierra. in this live picture from heavenly resort let's check in with sandhya patel with doppler 7hd. >> it is the first day of spring and it started at 4:02. as i show you is live doppler 7hd i will show what you it looks like. clouds around and spotty drizzle that was around and
last weekend's closure. it's part of the construction project for the oakland airport connector system. >> parking restrictions for the running festival. gets underway at 7:30 sunday morning. this is the full closure for the full 26.2-mile marry -- marathon. for more information, go to >> any traffic detour, you can download our exclusive abc7 abc7 news app. let's good to leigh glaser. >> leigh: sunday looks terrific, like the afternoon we had today. live doppler 7hd picking up a few high clouds. they will continue to venture over the bay area, overnight tonight, a nice live shot from the high definition east bay cam. highs today, warm nicely, near 70 for santa rosa, oakland, concord, livermore, 68, and the shot from the high definition rooftop cam, the bay bridge here and the embarcadero. a few clouds overhead. more current readings for you, santa rosa, 46. hayward, clear sky, 52. hoarse the forecast highlights. high clouds will be moving in and out of the bay area overnight. it will be a cool night. mostly sunny and mild for now jesus afternoon, and then we'll see showe
francisco $400. oakland $700 of an inch. livermore/100ths of an inch. some of you listen facing slick roadway like what you just saw there. as we nroobing ouro top camera to the bay bridge here not whole lot happening. beautiful later thow. temperatures right now 49 if san francisco. 52 in oakland. half machine bay 46 degrees along with san jose and speaking of san jose see the slick streets counsel in the south bay here. temperatures right now 43 in santa rosa. down to 48 degrees in livermor livermore. here's what's coming. showers will remain through the early morning thro s hours. partly cloudy for your friday afternoon and warming trend will get under way this weekend with look and feel of spring. here's the trough. area of low pressure producing the showers we are seeing rate now. trough will kilometer through tonight. mainly going to be heading south and eventually east into southern california and will continue to see the moisture wrapping back around so here's what will happen the showers will diminish as we head in the early morning hours. some of you heading out
that was mistakenly handed to him. police say he is 5 foot 8 and 180 pounds and he has ties to oakland, vallejo and antioch and also reknown, -- reno, nevada. reporting live from richmond, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. what a mistake. >>> also new at 11:00, a daylight attempted kidnapping in pinole. a 12-year-old girl said a man asked if she wanted a ride as she walked home from school this afternoon. when the girl said no, she claims the man grabbed her wrist, but she was able to escape. the man has been described as a young, thin adult, short hair with a brown goatee and a piercing in his right eyebrow. >>> tomorrow marks a grim anniversary. sierra lamar vanished on her way to school march 16th, last year. despite countless searches by law enforcement and volunteers, there is of no sign of sierra. sergio is live in morgan hill where family and friends are planning for tomorrow's special event. sergio? >> this elementary school has basically become the sierra lamar search center, and as you can see on that board back there, they are planning a balloon released to mark the year that the 1
. so far. under a 10th of an inch in santa rosa. mountain view, .17. oakland, san jose, .09 of an inch and about .07 is in concord. i will let you know if you are going to need the rain gear for the start of spring which is by the way tomorrow morning 4:02. carolyn? >> thank you. a san jose police officer who killed a man also shot a suspected it murderer in november. police say officer bruce shot a man after officers confrontedded him in a stolen car last night. they say the driver tried to run down the officer so he opened fire. sky 7hd shows where it happened last november officer bath -- bartholemew shot a man after a shootout that injured another officer. >>> it is make or break time for the city of santa clara. the city council vote owed whether to move forward with the attempt to st the superbowl 2016 or 2017. it would be exciting and expensive. lisa amin gulezian is live to explain what happened. lisa? >> the city council voted to move forward with its bid for the super bowl. >> santa clara is going all out to woo the nfl in the bid for the super bowl. the new stadium will open
degrees in san francisco. oakland is the same temperature. it is 48 in half moon bay. we are headed toward a cool start to the weekend and but i'll let you how mild it will end up for the weekend. >> dan: a bay area youth baseball coach accused of molesting a player and secretly videotaping is released from the jail tonight. he surrendered to authorities at 11:00 this morning. investigators say the charges dated back 8 years and there may be more victims. >> carolyn: five students at hayward middle school fell ill today after eating brownies laced with some unknown substance. it happened around 10:30 this morning. five students were evaluated by firefighters. no one had to be taken to the hospital. police tell us they do not know what the brownies were laced with but the school and detectives are investigating. >> dan: there was a special reunion. a 27-year-old man flew in from vietnam to save his brother's life. he has a rare match as a donor for his five-year-old brother and he hasn't seen his brother since he was adopted years ago. sergio quintana, what remarkable to a story. >> it was
of oakland kill him. cherry car then slammed into a taxi burst into flames killing 2 people inside. harris now awaiting extradition to nevada. >> woman hit by muni light rail train in san francisco has life threatening injuries tonight. this accident happened just after 3 this afternoon near 19 avenue and the boulevard here. muni spokeswoman said the woman in her 20's was in the right-of-way of that light rail train. nobody else was injure injured. >> sheriff's deputy and cadaver dog searched a creek for more clue after the discovery of a human skull. teenager playing in the creek yesterday found the bones. officials say the skull is not native american because it has fillings in the teeth. if more pwrons found officials may consider a full excavation of that creek. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. spencer. >> is here with the latest on live doppler 7 hd. >> okay. here's our first look at weather for tonight. live doppler 7 ht and lack at sky mainly clear overland areas that notice the fog along the coast and dense patch along the peninsula coast license. current temperatur
in california. >>> a san leandro man is suing after mistakenly being named one of oakland's most wanted criminals. in february of 2011 van was pictured as a suspect wanted for a shooting. well now he filed a lawsuit accusing the city of false arrest, defamation and violation of his civil rights. when he went to police to tell them it was a mistake, he says they threw him in jail and released him three days later and never explained how they linked him to the shooting. >> i was scared and nervous for my life that the police would come and hunt me down or something. after that i changed my life and moved around. >> he stayed on the most wanted list for six months. his lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages. neither the oakland police nor the city attorney would comment on the case. >>> berkeley firefighters brought a potentially catastrophic gas fire under control this afternoon. the fire ignited when a construction worker unintentionally dug into the line. it happened in a north berkeley neighborhood not far from the cal campus. you can see a truck and a house nearby were damaged
's father live tonight at children hospital oakland. how is he doing, the kid? >>reporter: child is doing pretty good. father tells that you say he got a shocking phone call this afternoon that his baby boy was shot. the victim in that shooting in richmond. he told us that he was very happy that the baby is going to be okay. richmond apartment of him here is.ed with bullet hol hole. his baby was inside when a shooter sprayed it with bullet. shot child hit in the neck. >> don't do nothing to nobody. go to work and come home. not my fault to live in the areas. >>reporter: investigators doesn't have a motive n riding bike near the apartment also shot taken by car to local hospital and in good condition. the child was inside being watched by his grandparents when the bullet came crashing through the apartment. >> as far as i know my mom was inside watching him. like i said my fiance came whom from work. in the shower. and next thing i know shots fired and mom grabbed ran into the kitchen. >> 1-year-old child who is literally in the arms of the grandparents. they are feeding him and
for napa. oakland 62. 59 for newark and interior east bay look for temperatures in the mid to low 60s. looking out ahead seven days, the accu-weather seven-day forecast looking for rain to return on tuesday afternoon and overnight wednesday off and on showers on wednesday. a chance on thursday and then sunny and much warmer friday, saturday and sunday. and by the way, abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow at live doppler 7hd twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecast and spare the air alert and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. speaking of which mike niko will be here with an update. morning news 4:30 to 7:00. >> thank you, leigh. >> manyathathathathatzatzatz>> the giants lost eight player tots baseball classic. they managed a victory before they left. barry zito pitched three score less innings for the g-men. we have seen him do it before and a great diving catch. he is going to get some time with these guys. three for four on the day and doubles down the line and scoring t
. 71 in san francisco and 80 in santa rosa and 83 gilroy. 76 in oakland. santa cruz got up to 77 in livermore. and 79 degrees napa in napa. changes are on the way and the changes will include the possibility of rain. i will be back with a look at the forecast in a few minutes. ama? >> sand yaw, thank you. sandhya, thank you. tonight we learn of a serious violation that took place during a field trip for two san jose high schools. they were traveling with a registered sex offender. alan wang is live at andrew hill high school in san jose with the latest. alan? >> ama, this happened on february 13th during a field trip to deanza college. students from here at andrew hill high school and silver creek high school were traveling on buses to the college, and we are told the sex offender was on the bus with the andrew hill students. we were alerted to this situation by a viewer this evening and still waiting to hear back from school officials. we managed to get a kipe copy -- a copy of this letter that went out today. it says a registered sex offender who was not authorized to be on the
there was no indication that lacy was going to kill officers prior to the shooting on september 4th. >> two oakland city council members accused of ethic violations insist they did nothing wrong. the auditor said they improperly told city employees who should get a $2 million demolition contract for the old oakland army base. brooks is accused of interfering for hiring of construction for the teen center and reid ordered city employees to waive a parking ticket. >> i have been a staff person for 14 years and elected official for 16 years. out of 30 years for employee, city staff is afraid of me. i don't think that is the days. >> brooks did not return our calls for comment. the audit has been forward to the state and the d.a.'s office as well as the f.b.i. to determine if any laws were broken here. >> dan: new at 11:00, a crime spree at u.c. berkeley, a crime wave at bancroft way. since the first of the year, 25 thefts have been reported there. the problem is people don't keep an eye on their stuff. best thing according to police, put your belongings in a locker and lock it away for safekeeping. >> also
in oakland. 234* the inland areas, you are out of the low 70s. some of you made it up there, but tomorrow it is a little cooler. 67 in concord and 68 for livermore. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. a few sprinkles and giving way to a chance of showers on thursday. your weekend is now looking like you are going to need the umbrellas. a band of rain, showers and pretty much right on through easter weekend. >> so a soggy easter egg hunt? >> i am hoping not. i will pinpoint it as we get closer. right now just a shower band. >> let's move on to sports now. >> should we wait for larry? >> no, i want you to say it. >> stanford alum. very proud of her cardinals tonight. they advance with a win over michigan. most of the damage in her last game and >>> as expected stan forked is the -- stone ford -- stanford advance tots sweet 16 with a win over michigan at maples pavilion. favorite football coach on the ban wagon. eight three's in the first half. 5 of 5 from downtown and a career high. and she is doing her part. damage in the paint. she had 12 points and stanford lead it 41-1
and we have patchy fog around. give yourself some time for the morning commute. 54 degrees and oakland at 58 and it is 57 if san jose. here are the highlights, chance of sprinkles tomorrow. a brief warm up for your friday and then scattered showers are in the forecast for this holiday weekend. here is the pacific satellite picture. we have been seeing a lot of cloud cover and we will see mostly cloudy skies as we head into tomorrow. a couple of systems are still approaching a few sprinkles. you will see on the computer animation when you may see those drop. tonight could see a few drop, but as we head to 5:00 a.m., scattered in nature if we see any sprinkles for the thursday morning start. then in the afternoon it is more isolatedature, but nature,t this is just the beginning. as you look at the computer animation and taking you to the weekend if you are making plans the area of low pressure will get closer to the coast. saturday afternoon looks like showers, and then sunday morning easter sunday, 6:00 a.m., sunrise services if you are heading there, carry your umbrellas, scats terred
a major social networking destination. >> new at 11:00. salute to hometown hero in oakland tonight. education reporter lee ann was there at the plaza. this was the fifth annual hometown hero cay area res 28 bay area residents for making their community a better flies work, live and play. event is a partnership between comcast and bay area news greingt. >> what a nice event. >> weather forecast close to the weekend. >> yes sandhya is here now. >> and we are getting closer to bringing on the rain. all right. but the weekend is just fine. you look at live doppler 7 hd. cloud moved out of the north bay. we have a few clouds still across the peninsula. east bay. we look from the high definition camera shaking a bit. wednesday a little bit on the gusty side over the higher terrain. clearly see back towards san francisco, though. temperatures right now in the 50's. 52 in san francisco. 55 in oakland. right now san jose reporting a number of 53 degrees. here's what is coming. partly cloudy overnight. cool mild for your friday afternoon depending on where you are. and it's a
over 70% mountain view san jose 70 and oakland falling way behind. 67 percent of average so we certainly need the rain that is coming this week. as you look from the sutro camera sparkling view of san francisco right now. temperatures 49 in san francisco. 5kland oakland. we have low 50's for san jose and also for santa cruz. highlights look like this cloudy interval this week. chance of showers on thursday and rain possible for easter sunday. ç here's pacific satellite picture. we have a couple of systems working towards the bay area. basically all they are going to serve to do for the time being is bring us occasional clouds. all week long. exception will be that we may see a little bit of lift over the higher terrai terrain. see what i'm talking about in a moment. tomorrow morning a little bit of drizzle around the santa cruz county coast at 5:00 a.m. starting the morning commute cloud cover breaking up in the afternoon but at 1:00 p.m. not breaking up in the north bay over the higher terrain could see some showers developing very isolated through 5:00 p.m. tuesday
, you'll warm to 73. napa, 72. oakland, 68 tomorrow. as well as castro valley and interi, in bay, in the mid-to-low 70s, me a -- may come down a few degrees. >> here's a look ahead. irish will be smiling on us, sunshine and breezy near the coast. temperatures in the 70s inland. 60s elsewhere. then the clouds thicken up. monday, look for the rain. it moves in by tuesday afternoon. wayne, cooler and then warm back up next weekend. >> carolyn: spring about to spring. >> leigh: on wednesday. >> carolyn: look out for road closures along the thaty -- nasty him in -- him nimitz free. there will be a detour. the closures are for construction of a bridge that will reach barret and the oakland airport. >> who is worse, the warriors or the sharks? >> mike: that's a good>> mike: . both are going to play themselves out of the postseason if they're not care. the sharks bow down to the kings. an ugly night in l.a. for the me in times of joy, in moments of grief, we are there. when the world looks for truth, broadcasters come through -- even when all else fails. today, with more ways than ever t
in the low 40s. midto upper 40s as you can see from richmond and oakland and all the way toward san francisco and half moon bay overnight 44 degrees. high pressure brought us a nice weekend. tomorrow it will start to retreat back to the south and east of us. what you can see here, the clouds ahead of the cold front will be in store for us on monday. the temperatures will come down a few degrees. then as we get into tuesday we are keeping a close eye on the area of low pressure. it looks impressive. as it moves closer to the coast it will split and bring us a sprinkle or two. here is a look at our forecast animation. throughout the course of monday we will see the clouds thicken up. this is tomorrow afternoon. you notice by 7:00 everything gets very, very cloudy. a few breaks in the overcast as the front hits the coast, and then by 2:00, 3:00 on tuesday afternoon, that's when we may see a few sprinkles or two. that is about it. we have another storm system behind that one. it too looks like it will fizzle out. the best chance of showers around here, we do need the rain could possibly be the ea
about that coming up. >> leigh, thank you. oakland police took several people into custody after an early morning hop side lead to a standoff. officers surrounded the crime scene at 25th avenue and international boulevard for about 10 hours. the trouble began about 1:30 this morning. that's when two shooting victims showed up at a local emergency room. one of them died from his injuries. officers removed several people from the home when the standoff finally ended around 11:30 this morning. no word from police if anyone detained has been arrested for this shooting. >>> two are heanagers are headed to juvenile jail for at least a year after a judge found them guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. it is a case that's divided an entire time. larry jacobs has the story. >> for a minimum period of yon year. >> reporter: moments after the juvenile court judge handed down the sunday morning rape conviction, the two defendants stepped toward the 16-year-oldud apologized. >> i'm sorry to put you through this. no pictures should have been put around. >> reporter: the pictures on facebook an
elevations 58 to 66 mile an hour wind gusts. oakland out of the south at 33 miles an hour. you need to hang on tight. tomorrow morning when you head out the door give yourself extra time. i let you know how long you will need them. rye the rain didn't keep thousands from turning out to watch the launch of the bay lights project. just after 9:00, the lights switched on marking the official start of a two-year art exhibit. sergio is live now from the embarcadero. sergio? >> reporter: well, a chilly rain and some chopy conditions did make for a pretty soggy bridge lighting event. still people stuck it out and turned it into a party and watched the largest light sculpture in the world come to life. it was a shoulder to shoulder bridge lighting party on the embarcadero with wine, friends and umbrellas. >> it was a spur of the moment thing. i called my friend and asked if she wanted to come in. >> reporter: some got prime seating without knowing what was happening. >> i just came from the gym. i didn't know this was going on. >> reporter: for others watching tonight's lights was any vent they pla
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